Uncollected Child Policy

All children should be collected by their parent or identified carer at the appropriate time at the end of the child’s session. We appreciate that there are times when parents /carers are unavoidably delayed and we will do our best to accommodate these occasions, but in the event of a child being uncollected at the agreed finish time we will put our uncollected child procedure into place. The setting will ensure that the child is kept safe and occupied. 


If a child is not collected from the Preschool at the end of the child’s session the following will happen:

  • The Preschool Manager or Deputy Manager in her absence, will check the ClassDojo and Child Collection Book, if parents have informed us of a different collection arrangement for their child and follow these instructions.  If there are no notifications of a change or if we can't reach the person that the parent has nominated to collect the child, the Preschool will endeavour to make contact via members of the family / work contact numbers as stated in the child’s registration form. 

  • The child’s keyperson or another member of staff, if they are not available, will ensure that the child is settled and not overly worried about the situation. 

  • If after 20 mins the parent/carer has not arrived, and the other contact numbers have not been helpful, it will be necessary to follow the Preschool’s Safeguarding and Child Protection policy and contact Shropshire’s First Point of Contact Team for advice. 

  •  Advice from the assessment team will determine what should happen next. 

Parents/carers are reminded via the ClassDojo termly to inform the setting of updated contact details. We ask for a range of contact details including mobile numbers, work, and home phones. Parents /carers must provide at two or more emergency contact details in case the parent /carer is unavailable. ​​