Fees Policy    (Amended September 2022)

Fees are collected by the Director

Parents will receive an invoice for fees each month. 
Payment should be made by BACS  for the full amount requested on the invoice. 

If your child’s fees are not paid by the date stated on your invoice, you will incur an administration fee of £10.00, to enable us to prepare further paperwork to request your fees.  

Every week, that your child’s fees, remain unpaid,  you will incur a late payment fee of £5.00 per week. 

If fees are not paid in the half term for which they are billed, your child may not be admitted into the Preschool until payment has been made in full.

If you feel that your family will have difficulties with any payment of fees, you are encouraged to speak to Jean; in confidence, before the end of the first week if not before.

For those experiencing difficulties, a payment plan will be arranged with yourselves to allocate a figure, which suits both parties. (This figure needs to be at least a payment that covers your child’s weekly sessions).

Once you sign and start the payment plan you need to keep up your payments, as stated on the plan.

Any ad-hoc extra sessions or lunch sessions should be paid for by the parent/carer at the time of booking.


Fees are due for each child’s place, regardless of non-attendance.

If the Preschool has to close in an emergency, such as adverse weather, full fees will still be payable.

Notice of one half term should be given for cancellation of a child’s place.  If notice is not given, fees will remain payable.

When choosing your child’s sessions please remember that we need your fees to be paid on time to enable us, as Directors, to maintain the overall running costs of our Preschool.

Our Current Fees

Fees for 2 to 3 year olds, until the term after their 3rd birthday is £4. 60 per hour 

Lunch Club is £4.00

Additional hours for funded children, outside of their entitlement of 15 or 30 funded hours, are charged at the rate of £4.60 per hour. 

Morning early start or Afternoon late finish - £1 per 15mins or £2 per half and hour. 

Information about your entitlement for funded hours or for help towards childcare costs can be found on the 
Childcare Choices Website.