PBURFORD PRESCHOOL C.I.C. believes that children benefit most from early year’s education and care when parents/carers and the Preschool work together in partnership. We welcome parent’s comments and suggestions with regard to their child’s individual needs as we recognise that parents are their child’s first and main educator in life.

Our aim

BURFORD PRESCHOOL C.I.C.’s aim is to encourage effective parent partnerships with the Preschool to promote children’s individual development and wellbeing.

 In order to achieve parental partnership we:

  • will ensure parents/carers can access digital copies of our main Policies and Procedure (available on our website) as well as the information being discussed during induction and offer them the choice of a paper copy.  A copy of all our Policies and Procedures is always available in the classroom. 

  • will assign each child a keyperson/buddy who will be available to meet the child and his/her family during induction.  The Keyperson will build a positive relationship with the child and the parents/carers in order to plan and achieve the child’s individual targets.

  • we will ensure each child has a “buddy” who can support them if their keyperson is ill or on training courses.

  • have an open door policy so parents/carers are made to feel welcome and valued at Preschool and are encouraged to discuss concerns/worries. 

  • will inform all parents on a regular basis about their children's progress through our on-line dojo. If there is a  need to discuss concerns regarding your child’s learning and development, you will be asked to  arrange a suitable time for yourself and your husband/ partner/person of your choosing to come into preschool to meet with your child’s keyperson and the preschool manager to discuss these concerns. Written information will be shared with yourselves and your comments will be added. A copy will be kept with your child’s development records.

  • involve parents in the shared record keeping about their child/ren - either formally or informally - and ensure parents have access to their children's written developmental records;

  • Encourage parents who are not able to drop off or collect their child to communicate via the carer or on the classdojo.  We will also record information on the classdojo parents to see, which also supports communication for the parent and child with regard to their day at Preschool.

  • inform parents/carers about relevant conferences, workshops and training;

  • hold informal parents evenings once a term giving parents/carers the opportunity to discuss their child’s development with the child’s keyperson.

  • hold open days on a rota basis that are accessible and appropriate for all.

  • ensure that all parents/carers have opportunities to contribute  their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities in the Preschool. We welcome the contributions of parents/carers, in whatever form these may take.

  • inform all parents/carers of the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions. All parents/carers have access to our written complaints procedure.