Health and Safety Policy

Statement of Intent

BURFORD PRESCHOOL C.I.C. believes that the health and safety of children and adults is of vital importance.  We will work together to ensure that the environment is a safe and healthy place for children, staff, parents, students and volunteers.

Staff responsibilities in implementing health and safety policies will be made clear with procedures detailing who does what, when and how they do it.

The setting will display the Health and Safety Law poster.


We aim to make children, parents and staff aware of health and safety issues and to minimise the hazards and risks.  We allow the children to thrive in a healthy and safe environment, while taking age appropriate risks with staff support and guidance.


The two members of staff who are responsible for health and safety are Mrs Jean Peters and Mrs Selina Baker. They are competent to carry out these responsibilities.  They have undertaken health and safety training and regularly update their knowledge and understanding. 

Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment process includes:

  • checking for hazards and risks indoors and outside, and in our activities and procedures. Our assessment covers adults and children;
  • All surfaces are checked daily to ensure they are clean and not uneven or damaged.
  • deciding which areas need attention; and
  • developing an action plan that specifies the action required, the timescales for action, the person responsible for the action and any funding required.
  • We maintain lists of health and safety issues, which are checked:
  • daily  checks before the session begins;
  • weekly; and termly (or when necessary yearly) when a full risk assessment is carried out.


We have public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance.  The certificate for employers liability insurance is displayed on the notice board in the classroom.

Awareness Raising

  • Our induction training for staff and volunteers includes a clear explanation of health and safety issues so that all adults are able to adhere to our policy and understand their shared responsibility for health and safety.  The induction training covers matters of employee well-being, including safe lifting and the storage of potentially dangerous substances.
  • Health and safety issues are explained to the parents of new children so that they understand the part played by these issues in the daily life of the setting. 
  • We have a no smoking policy.
  • Children are made aware of health and safety issues through discussions, planned activities and routines.

Children's Safety

  • We ensure all staff employed have been checked for criminal records by an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
  • Adults do not normally supervise children on their own. 
  • All children are supervised by adults at all times.
  • Whenever children are on the premises at least two adults must be present.

Food Preparation Area

  • All surfaces are clean and non-porous.
  • There are separate facilities for hand-washing and for washing up.
  • Cleaning materials and other dangerous materials are stored out of children's reach.

When children take part in cooking activities, they:

  • are supervised at all times;
  • are kept away from hot surfaces and hot water; and
  • do not have unsupervised access to electrical equipment.

 Electrical/Gas Equipment

  • All electrical/gas equipment conforms to safety requirements and are checked regularly.
  • Electrical equipment is checked yearly and records are kept.
  • Our boiler/electrical switchgear/meter cupboard is not accessible to the children.
  • Fires, heaters, electric sockets, wires and leads are properly guarded and the children are taught not to touch them.
  • There are sufficient sockets to prevent overloading.
  • The temperature of hot water is controlled to prevent scalds.
  • Lighting and ventilation is adequate in all areas including storage areas.


  • All resources and materials from which children select are stored safely.
  • All equipment and resources are stored or stacked safely to prevent them accidentally falling or collapsing.

Outdoor Area

  • Our outdoor area is securely fenced.
  • Our outdoor area is checked for safety and cleared of rubbish before it is used and a dated record is kept.
  • Adults and children are alerted to the dangers of poisonous plants, herbicides and pesticides.
  • All outdoor activities are supervised at all times.


  • Before purchase or loan, equipment and resources are checked to ensure that they are safe for the ages and stages of the children currently attending the setting.
  • The layout of play equipment allows adults and children to move safely and freely between activities.
  • All equipment is regularly checked for cleanliness and safety and any dangerous items are repaired or discarded.
  • All materials - including paint and glue - are non-toxic.
  • Sand is clean and suitable for children's play.
  • Physical play is constantly supervised.
  • Children are taught to handle and store tools safely.
  • Children who are sleeping are checked regularly.
  • Children learn about health, safety and personal hygiene through the activities we provide and the routines we follow.



  • Animals visiting BURFORD PRESCHOOL C.I.C. do so after prior arrangement and risk assessment and are free from disease and safe to be with children, and do not pose a health risk.
  • BURFORD PRESCHOOL C.I.C.'s pets are free from disease, safe to be with children, and do not pose a health risk.
  • Children wash their hands after contact with animals.
  • Outdoor footwear worn to visit farms is cleaned of mud and debris and should not be worn indoors.